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Assign service card

This feature allows you to assign a service card to a person. Only cards already registered in the Phoenix system can be assigned.

If you want to assign the card you want to assign is not registered with the Phoenix system yet, see the card number collection and registration page.

You must assign the service card when:

  • the personal card is not associated with the person in the Phoenix system;
  • the person has forgotten or lost their personal card and needs a temporary card until they recover their personal card;
  • due to the nature of the situation, the person needs to be assigned a service card.

To assign a service card, you must perform the following:

  • Authenticate to the Phoenix –
  • click on the Card Management portal;
  • in the left side menu, in the Person section, click Search;

on the page displayed to Search for people, indicate at least one search criteria, and click the Search button;

on the page displayed with the list of people found, click Assign service card, on the line corresponding to the person to whom you want to assign the card;

  • on the page displayed – Search service card – indicate the search criteria for cards registered in the system and click the Search button;
    • Type: to indicate the type of card you want to search for;
    • Name on card: to search for the name of the person to whom the card is associated;
    • Verse visible number: to search for the number visible on the back of the card (the last 2 digits of the number in the caartão are not indicated in phoenix);
    • Card identifier: to search by card identifier;
    • Returned: to search for returned or unreturned cards;
    • Uses card: to indicate whether or not the user uses the card( s);

on the page displayed with the list of cards found, click Assign card to the person on the line corresponding to the card you want to assign to the person;

  • in the assignment confirmation box, click the Ok button.

After the card is assigned, an action confirmation page is displayed with the data of the person to whom the card was assigned and the card details that were assigned.


  • The assignment to person B of a card assigned to person A automatically disassociates person A’s card and associates it with person B.
  • The person may have more than one card assigned, but only one of the cards can be active, meaning only the active card will work on the readers.