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ISCTE-IUL Card Reader application installation – Card Management

To install the ISCTE-IUL Card Reader application, you must:
I- Install driver (if the PC does not have the driver installed)

1- Get zip with the driver
smb://grupos.iscte.intranet/os my groups/DSI/UDSI/Fénix@ISCTE/Cartao_unico/MIOFARE-driver/MIOFARE/USB/

2- Unpack

3- Install

II- Install reading software

1- Get the ZIP with the smb://grupos.iscte.intranet/os%20meus%20grupos/DSI/UDSI/Fénix@ISCTE/Cartao_unico/
2- Unpack

3- Place the uncompressed folder in the “Public Desktop”, so that it is accessible to all
users 4- Create a shortcut to MioFareToKeyboard.exe on the “Public Desktop”