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Space Search

Search Spaces

To search for spaces, in the Public Portal:

  • Select the "Space Search" option in the left side menu
  • Indicate the information to be searched for:
    • Name
    • Criterion
      • Space
      • Person
      • Curricular Unit
      • Written Assessment
    • Building

You should then press the Search button.

The search result shows all the spaces found according to the search criteria. The user has the possibility to see the detail of the same found and to view the time of the space.

Space Information

The information of the found space is presented as follows:

Campus > building > floor > SpaceBy
pressing each of the links you can view your detailed information.

See Campus

It presents the information of the existing buildings on the ISCTE-IUL Campus.

To see the detailed information of Building press View existing on the same line of the desired building.

See Building

Displays information on existing floors for the selected building.

To see the detailed information of each floor press View on the same line of the desired floor.

See Floor

Displays information about existing rooms for the selected floor.

To consult the detailed information of each room press "View existing", on the same line of the desired room".

See Space

Displays detailed information for the selected room.

To check the room time press View Time.

View Time

To see the found space time, press View Time on the same row as the found space.

The user is able to change the occupancy period to be consulted. You must select:

  • Implementation period (academic semester)
  • Week

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.