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Resources Management Portal

Support page for the “Resource Management” portal.

Assignment of Teachers to Classes

In the “Resource Management” portal, the School secretariat can assign planned teachers to shift classes that have more than one associate teacher.

In shifts that have only one teacher, it is not necessary to make the assignment of teacher planned to the classes since the teacher associated with the curricular unit is automatically associated with the classes as “Teacher planned“.

Only teachers can be assigned to classes that have been inserted as teachers of the curricular unit and associated with the shift of these classes through the portal “Planning“.

Assignment of Classrooms to Classrooms

There are 2 ways to assign classrooms to classes: manual or automatic.

The manual assignment allows you to consult the classes, with their features and stockings, which were created in Resource Management and assign to each of them or to a selected set rooms available through the Fénix system.

The automatic assignment implies the selection of one or a set of classes without a room and send information (classes, rooms, characteristics) to the Bullet Solutions system that will automatically assign the classrooms to the classes.

Installment Reviews

Support to installment evaluations in the curricular units of the courses managed by Iscte.

Copy Shifts

In Fénix it is possible to copy shifts (schedules) of a previous school year.

By copying shifts from a previous school year it is possible to reduce the time and procedures required to create shifts in the school year of destination, in cases where the basic information of the shifts does not undergo major changes from one academic year to another. However, the copied information must always be revised to be completely suited to the school year of destination.

Punctual Appointment of Rooms

Support for punctual appointment of rooms.

Booking Requests

Support for the management of reservation requests.


Management of the occupancy of the rooms.

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