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Assignment of classrooms to classes

There are 2 ways to assign classrooms to classes (manual or automatic).

The manual assignment allows you to consult the classes, with their features and stockings, which were created in Resource Management and assign to each of them or to a selected set rooms available through the Fénix system.

The automatic assignment implies the selection of one or a set of classes without a room and send information (classes, rooms, characteristics) to the Bullet Solutions system that will automatically assign the classrooms to the classes.


Search for lessons

In the Fénix system you must select the Portal “Resource Management“, select the left side menu option “Allocation of rooms” -> “Manual to Classes“.

The user can search for

  • Semester
  • Type of course
  • Course
  • Class (optional)
  • Execution unit (optional)
  • Indication of classes without a room (optional)

You must then press the Browse button.

See Execution Unit Time

To check the time of the execution unit you must select from the name of the desired execution unit.

Consult Class Hours

To check the class schedule you must select from the name of the desired class.

Assign Room

To assign room to occurrences must press existing next to the desired turn or class.

Next, all occurrences of classes associated with the selected shift are displayed.

The user has the possibility to:

  • Select all classes displayed
  • Select the desired lessons
  • Filter or not the rooms by characteristics of the selected classes
  • Filter rooms by capacity taking into account the total capacity of the shift (sum of all capacitys defined for the shift) or taking into account the number of existing entries for the shift

You must press the Browse Room button to see a list of free rooms according to the characteristics and the indicated capacity.

Next, you must select the room from the list displayed and press the Assign button.

Download Excel file

To export to file with excel format all the information searched must press .


See in Automatic room assignment.