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Booking Requests

See Booking Order Lists

To consult the lists of existing rooms reservation requests should, in the Resource Management Portal:

  • Select the “Reservation Requests” option in the left side menu

The following lists of booking requests are presented below:

  • My requests

Open requests that are associated with the user who opened it. 

  • New Orders

New orders that have never been opened.

  • Open Orders

Requests that have not yet been resolved but have already been opened by another user. 

  • Resolved Requests

Requests that have already been processed and resolved. There is a possibility that they will be reopened.

See Booking Request details

To consult the detailed information of the reservation request, please press the Order Number or the Subject of the Request.

Make Tagging

To make room marking sassociated with the request in question, press Make An Appointment. See Punctual Room Marking.

If the booking request is an extraordinary lesson request the date and time of start and end of the appointment are automatically filled in with the order information.

Send Message

If further information related to the room reservation request is required, a message can be sent.

To send a message you must:

  • Enter the message

Then press the Submit button.

Send and Mark as Resolved

If the request is in process and if the user has already made the appointment, they can send a message and mark the reservation request as resolved.

To send message the booking request you must:

  • Enter the message

You must then press the Send and Mark as Resolved button.

The process state is changed to “Resolved” and a message is sent to the request user.

Open Order

Opening request allows you to associate the request with the user. You must press Open Order.

Close Order

To close the order you must press Close Order. The request can be closed without being associated with any markup or message sent.

Reopen Order

To reopen a reservation request with Resolved state you must press Reopen Request.