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Occupation of spaces

Select space

To select the space you want to manage, click on the “Space Management” portal and then on the “Space Management” feature in the side menu.

Next, click on the desired space. If there are subspaces, it will also be possible to manage their occupation.

Manage occupancy by organic units

To indicate the organic unit(s) responsible for a space, click on the “Manage occupants” link in the “Actual Occupation (units)” section.

You must click on the “+” sign next to the “ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)” to expand the list of organic units.

When the desired organic unit is visible, click it and enter the period.

Manage occupancy by people

To indicate the person(s) occupying a space, you must click on the “Manage occupants” link in the “Actual Occupation (Persons)” section.
When a person occupies a space, this information appears in the ISCTE-IUL Public Directory. Contact visibility (cabinet) can be managed in the “Search person” feature in the “Contact Management” operator portal.

Hint: To know a person’s “Username,” search for them in the Communication portal.

Change space information

To change the current information of a space, click the “Edit” version link. If you want the change to only take effect from a certain date, you must click the “Create” version link.