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Student Portal

Support page of features available in the Student Portal.


Students have the possibility to consult their attendance for the Curricular Units to which they are enrolled.

CGD Data Transfer Authorization

Authorization of transfer of data for the purpose of issuing student card by CGD.


There are four types of evaluations: continuous evaluation, testing, design and examination.

The notes of the evaluations do not represent or replace the final evaluation of the stuccoants in the curricular units.

See here how to confirm the presence in an evaluation.

Application and Online Registration in Subsequent Study Cycle Curricular Units

This feature allows students to:

  • Take note of the 2nd Cycles of Iscte with Curricular Units with vacancies available for Subsequent Study Cycle
  • Create Application by choosing a 2nd Cycle under these conditions
  • Enroll in Curricular Units of the 2nd Cycle chosen
  • Consult your complete Study Plan before and after the process


Time of the Curricular Units in which a student is enrolled.


There are two types of surveys applied to Iscte students: New Student Surveys and Pedagogical Modernization Surveys.

Registration in Curricular Units

Register in Curricular Units in the fénix academic management palataforma.

Enrollment and registration

Student enrrollment and registration via Fenix (Academic Management plataform).

Master-‘s degree – Dissertation / Project Work

Information management related to the Dissertation / Project Work.


Payment of fees and their current accounts.

Pre-enrollment in Evaluations

Confirm presence under evaluation.

Content Repository

Repository of contents per curricular unit. Alternative to Blackboard Learn.