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Application and Online Registration in Subsequent Study Cycle Curricular Units

Last updated: 09/06/2022

From the academic year 2013/2014 onwards, Applications/Inscriptions to Curricular Units of the Subsequent Study Cycle are made online in the Fénix System. This manual aims to assist students in this process.

This process aims to provide online support to the Regulation of Enrollment in Course Units of Subsequent Study Cycle.

Through the Fénix System the student can:

  • Become aware of the 2nd Cycles of Iscte with Curricular Units with available places for Subsequent Cycle of Studies
  • Create an application through the choice of a 2nd cycle under these conditions
  • Register in Course Units of the chosen 2nd cycle
  • View their complete study plan, before and after the process
  1. Access the Fénix platform in
  2. Go to the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using the credits of your Iscte account (e.g. and your password).
  4. Go to the “Student tab.
  5. Choose the “Enroll in Curriculum Units” option in the “Enroll” section in the left side menu.

It is assumed that the student has already accessed this feature in previous enrollment periods, so you will be familiar with the information that will be presented to you. In particular, relating to declarations of iscte rules and regulations and the authorisation to transfer your personal data.

When accessing the “Enroll in Curricular Unit” feature, as described above, if there is any impediment, the Phoenix system will display an error message.

By accessing the “Enroll in Curricular Unit” feature, as described above, and if there is no impediment, the Fénix system displays the registration management page, in which the “Study Cycles” available for registration at that time will be visible.

In the example below, the simplest case is demonstrated, being available only the 2nd Cycle referring to Curricular Units of Cycle of Subsequent Studies.

If, for e.g., special season registrations are taking place in the current student course and are entitled to that Season, the 1st Course Cycle will also be visible.

To choose the Course on which you will base your Subsequent Study Cycle, the student must click on “Choose“.

The system then presents a list of Iscte Courses that currently have Curricular Units with vacancies for the Subsequent Study Cycle.The student is given the possibility to inform himself about which Courses had vacancies in these conditions but that in the meantime occupied by other Students.

It should be noted that the list of available courses may change either by opening new vacancies or by the disenrollment of other Students.

Once the Course is chosen, the Group of Curricular Units of Cycle Subsequent Studies is available for registration. Here too it is assumed that the Student is aware of the registration process. 

It is to remember the need to click on “Save” to realize the choices of Curricular Units. Only then will fundamental Enrollment Rules be verified for the validation of enrollment in the Student Study Plan. After clicking “Save”, the Student will be shown an error message if any Rules are not satisfied by the set of Curriculum Units you have chosen.

Remove Subsequent Study Cycle

To unsubscribe and release the vacancies reserved by you in the Subsequent Study Cycle you have previously chosen, you must deregister all Curricular Units and groups enrolled in this Cycle.

Once these entries have been removed, you can unsubscribe from the Subsequent Study Cycle itself and, if you wish, resume the process.