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Enrollment in Evaluations

Last Updated: 26/03/2022

Confirmation of presence under evaluation

To access pre-enrollment in reviews, follow the following steps:

  1. Access iscte’s academic management platform in
  2. Select the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using iscte account credentials (e.g. and password).
  4. Go to the “Student tab.
  5. Select the “Attendance confirmation in evaluation” option in the “Subscribe” section in the left side menu.

To ensure all safety conditions and proper social distancing due to the pandemic situation, precise information has to be obtained on the number of students who will actually take each exam or attendance.

  • It is MANDATORY to confirm presence in the evaluations, in Fenix, up to 1 business day, before the date of each evaluation in 1st, 2nd season and special season.
  • After this deadline Fenix closes and blocks the possibility of confirmation.
  • Students WHO DO NOT CONFIRM in Fénix the presence in the evaluation CANNOT PERFORM THE SAME.
  • Students must be accompanied by an ID.
  • For students prevented from participating in face-to-face assessments because they benefit from the Risk Group Statute or Online Statute they are pre-enrolled in the assessment as “NON-FACE-TO-FACE“.
  • Students prevented from participating in face-to-face assessments because they are in prophylactic isolation or have a positive test to Covid must confirm the pre-registration as “NON-FACE-TO-FACE” and attach a document issued by a health entity that proves their situation.
  • Consult, in Fenix, which room was assigned to you to carry out the evaluation.

The provision of false declarations implies the cancellation of the frequency or examination.

The option to enroll in assessments is available only if there is a room assigned to the evaluation. To register, you must click on the “Subscribe link:

The link will open a dialog box where the student can indicate whether to perform:

  • Face-to-face registration

After submission of the registration in person, the student will be pre-enrolled in the evaluation, and must consult the same page from 2 working days before the date of the evaluation, in order to verify the room assigned to him for the evaluation: