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Pedagogical Monitoring Survey

The pedagogical monitoring survey is carried out through the Fénix system.

Application of the survey

The pedagogical monitoring survey – General Survey (x Semester xxxx/xxxx) – is applied to ISCTE-IUL students to answer questions within the institution, course, UC and faculty.

Reply to the survey

To respond to the survey, the student must perform the following procedures:

  1. authenticate to Phoenix;
  2. click on the Student portal;
  3. in the left side menu, click Surveys;
  4. on the surveys page, click Reply or Continue to reply in the line of the desired survey:
  5. then, on the page shown click on Reply in the course, UC and faculty lines to answer their questions;
  6. after answering all the mandatory response questions of the course, the UC and the teachers, on each page click the Confirm button;
  7. you can finally submit the survey by clicking the submit blue button.

After clicking Reply or Continue to respond in the survey line, the access page will be available to the answer pages to questions about the course, about the CUs in which the student is enrolled in the semester of the survey and about the teachers:

  • on the course line, click Reply to answer questions within the course;
  • on the line of each UC, click Reply to answer questions within the UC;
  • in each teacher’s line, click Answer to answer questions about the teacher(s) who taught the UC.

When the curricular unit is taught by more than one teacher and the student intends to answer that he has not attended the classes of one or more teachers, so that the option Did not attend classes is available it is necessary to answer all the mandatory questions of at least one uc teacher.

Mandatory answer questions

Mandatory answer questions are identified as follows:

  • the text is indicated ( Answer required.) in the box where the question is presented;
  • the box where the question is presented and the answer space is marked with a red line – the red line is removed after the student has indicated all the mandatory answers to the question.

Submission of the survey

The survey can only be submitted after all the questions of mandatory response of the course, the UC and the teachers are answered.

Response and blocking periods defined in THE

The response period to a UC’s survey is defined taking into account its period of classes. The period of blocking access to the curriculum is defined taking into account the response period to the UC survey. See this page for more information.