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Content Repository

To access the content store, follow the following steps:

  1. Access iscte’s academic management platform in
  2. Select the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using iscte account credentials (e.g. and password).
  4. Go to the “Teaching” tab.
  5. Select the “Content Store” option from the left side menu.

The content store is a feature that allows you to manage/make available:

  • Files
  • Links
  • Sub Folders
  • Text

The entire UC faculty is the repository manager, and there are no differences in permissions between them. 

By default only students enrolled in the UC can query the contents of the repository, but repository managers (teachers) may change this behavior.

In the 1st entry in the content store functionality, the teacher is asked to create a new repository.

Simple version: with only one run (UC taught in only one course)

Complex version: if the UC is being taught in more than one course (more than one unit of execution). Then the list of execution units of the same unit of competence will be shown (list of the same UC in other courses/classes).

If the teacher wishes to unify and manage the entire UC in the content store management module together, then he/she must select all the CUs he or she wants to join and then click the Create Repository button

If the teacher has not associated all the courses in the previous step, you can later associate the UC in another course that is missing.

You should go to each of them, load the create repository link, and then associate with the existing repository.

Content store created.

Later you can check the configuration of the repository in the Advanced > the Cd Association to the repository.


By pressing the “View caption” button.

Add content

To add content to folders, you must use the following button next to each folder.

Pressing the add content button will open the next screen that allows you to create either a folder, file or link.

Add folder

Add file

To add a file you must switch to the respective tab.

To add a link you must switch to the respective tab.

Add text

To add text you must switch to the respective tab.

Home publication

You can add content with a deferred publication start date. In other words, by entering a future date, students will not be able to consult a document for a few days.


If you want students not to have access to content immediately, you can restrict their access by clicking the restricted option for certain groups. After the content is created (or uploaded) you can later make the content available to students (or a sub-set of students).

Add multiple

If you want to create multiple content (upload multiple files) quickly.

Uploading will stay on the same screen, but you are shown a message similar to.

This way you can add a new file, or even create a sub folder – if you switch to the Add folder tab.

The result will be:

Add tagged

If you want to add new content with a label, you can select a label previously used on the next screen in the “Add existing label” field. If you want to create content with a new label, you can type the label in the “Add note label” field.

Different view

There are other repository viewing modes that may be useful to the user.

Open/close folders

To close the sub folders press the Close Folders button.

Result after pressing the Close Folders button.

You can open the sub folders by clicking on the triangles next to the folders.

To reopen the folders.

Tree view or list

To re-view in tree mode, press the Tree View button.

Ordering mode

To enter sort mode, press the Sort mode button. This mode allows you to move the contents in the repository.You can use the up or down arrows or use the sort button alphabetically. Additionally it is also possible to drag-and-drop. Only drag-and-drop supports moving content between folders.

View of sort mode.

Button move content up, within the same folder. 

Button move content down, within the same folder.

Button alphabetically sorts the contents of the folder.


Attention, for drag-and-drop to work it is necessary to drop over other content – see next image.

Result of drag-and-drop from above.

Copying between repositories

The repository manager (faculty members of the UC faculty) will be able to copy content between repositories. To be able to make this copy you must have access to the source repository of the content.
Please note that it is only copied the content and not rules the security of the content. 
You can copy an entire repository or copy only one folder (and its contents) or only a file or link. 

Select source repository

Select content to copy

To copy upload the Copy link next to the content you want to copy.

Copy result

Tags / tags

Tag content. To manage the tags of the contents. Labels are shown to all users with access to the repository including students.


By default only uc students are able to browse the content. However, you can edit the security of each item you can click the following button.

Pressing the button will see a screen similar to the following.
To give access to more users you must press the Give access button to user group or if in an exceptional situation give extra access to a user.

If you want to remove access, you should click the Remove Access link in the respective group. 
To scan and verify users with access, you must press the Users with access button.

You can give students in a class, course, or shift specific access.

Or give access to students in a course.

History of management operations

To check the history of management operations (change) of the repository, the repository manager should go to the advanced and select the Management Operations History option.
There it will be possible to consult all the writing operations carried out, namely operation, affected content, who and when.

You can export to excel.

File download history

To see the download history is to enter the advanced repository and make this query.You can export to excel.

Occupied Space / Quota

To query the space occupied by the repository, you can use the Busy Space feature in the Repository Advanceds. 

By default each repository has a total limit of 250 MB and 25 MB per file. Limits that can be increased if necessary. 

If you need more space, you should contact the system support.

Closing the content store

After two academic years the teacher will no longer be able to edit the content repository. The aim is that the teacher is not mistaken and edit a repository of a very old UC.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.