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Digital Signature with Digital Mobile Key

Last Updated: 03/03/2022

Fénix has available in the system the possibility of performing the digital signature of documents (staves) using the potential of the Digital Mobile Key.

The use of the Digital Mobile Key and digital signature presupposes its prior activation and this process is not performed in Fénix.

This document presents and explains from scratch the procedure of activating the Digital Mobile Key and digital signature, as well as examples of how to test the digital signature in Fénix and also the demonstration of the signature of a staff in the process of final evaluation of a Curricular Unit.

If you have already activated the Digital Mobile Key and digital signature you do not need to redo these steps.

It is recommended that before performing the first signature of an agenda always perform the signature test to confirm that the digital signature process ran to the end without difficulties.

In addition to the previous recommendation, it is essential not to start this process at the same time that it is intended to make the digital signature of an agenda. There may be difficulties inherent to the external services responsible for the Citizen Card/ Digital Mobile Key, so it is recommended to deal with this phase in advance.

Digital Mobile Key

To activate the Digital Mobile Key must have with you the following elements
– Citizen card- Card


With a card reader connected to your computer, follow the following steps:

  1. Access
  2. Click “Enable in the “Digital Mobile Key” service.

  3. Choose “Enable via Authentication“.

  4. Authorize.

  5. Enter the authentication PIN.

  6. Confirm.

  7. Associate the mobile phone number with the account. You can also associate an email for the same purpose.

  8. Set and enter a PIN for authentication and keep selected the “Enable digital signature” option.

  9. Confirm the terms and conditions.

  10. Enter the sms code on your phone.

  11. The Digital Mobile Key and digital signature have been successfully activated.

  12. Turn off the card reader.


Check in the “Reserved → My CMD” that the Digital Signature is in the “Active state. If it’s “Pending,” select “Edit” and set a new PIN for the digital signature. This process of activating the Digital Signature may not be immediate.

For more information and help on activating the digital signature can consult:

Digital Signature in Phoenix

The user can check and verify the operation of the digital signature through a test feature that exists in Phoenix.

  1. Access the Fénix platform in
  2. Go to the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using iscte account credentials (e.g. and password).
  4. Go to the “Personal tab.
  5. Choose the option “CMD signature test – ISCTE in the “Services” section in the left side menu.

Test Signature

  1. Access the Fénix platform in
  2. Go to the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using iscte account credentials (e.g. and password).
  4. Go to the “Personal tab.
  5. Choose the option “CMD signature test – ISCTE in the “Services” section in the left side menu.
  6. Select the Create as shown in the image above.

  7. Upload a file in PDF format.

  8. Select the “Subscribe option.

  9. In the document preview window, select “Start Signature“.
  • The Local and Reason fields are not required so you can proceed without filling them out.
  • Place the personal mobile phone number with the national code (+351) and pin for the signature. Despite the reference to email, this option is not functional.
  • Enter the sms code on your phone.
  • The digital signature of the document will be processed.
  • The digitally signed document is then made available teste_signed_[…]. pdf.

    The document is signed and can be unloaded. However, the process is not yet fully completed. Do not close or change windows or abandon Phoenix before selecting “Finish“.
  • After you select Finish the process, the document is completed and the document is digitally signed. The user is forwarded to the Signature Test screen where the documents that were uploaded for signature are displayed, and you can verify that the document no longer has the Sign option available but has the Signed to Yes field.

Signature of an Agenda

The signature of an agenda using the Digital Mobile Key has no changes regarding the functionality that was used within the Teaching portal in the management and administration section of the Curricular Unit.

The launch of the staff is done in the Final Evaluation feature as usual.

  • After the launch of the agenda, either by importing an excel file or manually launching, the agenda is ready to be confirmed and signed;
  • By selecting Confirm and sign digitally , the process of signing the staff is started. This process is identical to what was described in the Test Signature section, and a window is displayed with the preview of the staff and then all other iterations of validation and confirmation of the digital signature of this document.
  • Select Start signature to start the digital signature.
  • After completing all the steps for the validation and processing of the digital signature, please note that you need to finish in the last window presented to you.

    This action is very important and indispensable because although the document is already signed, if you do not select Finish fénix does not complete the process and the agenda is not confirmed;
  • Finally, the agenda is confirmed and digitally signed.

FAQ – Digital Mobile Key

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.