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FAQ – Digital Mobile Key

I have the Digital Mobile Key active but the digital signature is not. Can I activate digital signature at home?

Yes, but only if you have a card reader. Otherwise just in person at a citizen’s shop counter.

1 – Access;
2 – Log in;
3 – Reserved Area;
4 – My CMD;
5 – Digital Mobile Key Data → Digital Signature → Edit;
6 – Confirm the Active status, place the current PIN of the digital signature, and assign a new PIN to the digital signature. Confirm the code you received on your phone;
7 – After validation by the code verify that the status of the Digital Signature remains active.

I have a card reader and I don’t have the Digital Mobile Key active. Can I sign and confirm staves in Phoenix?

Don’t. From the last update to the system it was only possible to digitally sign the guidelines through the Digital Mobile Key.

I have the mobile app Autenticaçã installed on my smartphone. Do I get the codes to validate authentication and signatures in the app, or do I get SMS?

With the app installed, you receive, by default, the codes by notification on your phone or by accessing the application. In any case you can always request the sending of codes by SMS.

My citizen card will expire in the year 2021 but the Government issued an order on how the document is valid until December 31, 2021. Can I, in Fénix, continue to digitally sign the evaluation guidelines?

You probably won’t be able to make the digital signature on Phoenix after your citizen card has expired. Despite the exception regime given by the Government in relation to expired cards, for digital signature purpose the date considered as valid is the original expiry date. For this reason, unless there is some correction of external services in this sense, it will not be possible to digitally sign in Phoenix.

I have the Digital Mobile Key active with the mobile number and the email. Can I use email to digitally sign evaluation guidelines?

Don’t. The digital signature tool in Fénix only allows you to use your mobile phone number.

I’m putting personal data and access codes (PIN) in Phoenix. Is it safe?

Yes. Fénix uses the API and the digital signature tool provided and validated by THE AMA, so it meets all data security and confidentiality requirements.

Can I correct evaluation guidelines using the Digital Mobile Key?

Don’t. The process of verification/correction of the guidelines should be articulated with the Teaching Management Services.

I performed the signature test successfully but when I opened the document it tells me “Validity Unknown”. Something went wrong and I have to repeat the process?

You don’t have to repeat the process. What happens is that when you open the document, you need to recognize and trust the signature certificate in your PDF reading tool. Whether it’s in the document properties or the tool itself, it’s a matter of accepting the certificate and the document will be correct.

Does digital signature through the Digital Mobile Key also apply to Master and PhD minutes?

Don’t. Digital signature with Digital Mobile Key is only available for evaluation guidelines.

I have the Digital Mobile Key active, I regularly use digital authentication/signing on multiple portals, but I’m not receiving the SMS codes in the Phoenix feature. Is there a problem with my number/phone number?

Don’t. If you’re not receiving the SMS with the code in Phoenix, it’s because you have or have already had the Autenticaçã installed on your phone.
– If it is installed, you receive the code by notification.
– If you uninstalled the Autenticaçã will not receive the codes by SMS because it is the default authentication system that the codes arrive via application after it has already been installed once.

1 – You can choose to reinstall the Autenticaçã;
2 – Disable the code sending functionality by the application.

Procedure for option2:
1 – Access;
2 – Log in;
3 – Reserved Area;
4 – My CMD;
5 – Mobile Key Data digital → Mobile Application→ Edit:

6 – Select Receive Code via SMS and Save:

7 – The status of the Mobile App will be inactive and you will receive the codes by SMS by default.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.