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Joint classes or seminars

Last Updated: 06/01/2022

Classes in which students usually have different classes but that once in the semester are given together.
A common example are seminars together of day and night courses.

The phoenix system currently does not support the joining of classes from different execution units or shifts.
However there is an alternative solution that allows classes to be given in practice together, with two distinct classes in the phoenix.
The drawback of the workaround is that it is not possible for students to see the class in conjunction with the classroom on their schedule.
The teacher or the secretariat must create the two classes in the respective execution units, shifts or classes as they usually do.
In one of the classes you must register that they do not need a room.
They warn students manually during classes and also using the elearning platform from which room the class together will take place.
In the release of summaries the teacher will have to release as many times the same summary as the number classes together.
The teacher must change the classroom that is shown in the system to the correct one of the class together.
Attendance, from the student’s point of view, is not counted to double.
In other words, the student only had attendance to one of the classes and the other class(s) are counted as duplicates.

In the teacher’s evaluation system, i-meritus, in practice the teacher is not harmed because the number of students’ attendances compensates for the joining of classes from the point of view of the teacher.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.