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Learning Goals

Last Updated: 03/03/2022

For the AACSB certification of the Courses of the School of Management it was necessary to implement a functionality where it is possible to record all the information of the learning goals (learning objectives) to be achieved.


The main actors in the process are:

  • Course Director
  1. Responsible for creating the Learning Goals and Sub-learning goals of the course.
  2. It should indicate the curricular units that will be audited.
  • UC Coordinator
  1. Teacher responsible for the competence unit.
  2. You must select, for your unit of competence, the sub-learning goals among those defined for the course.
  3. It should indicate assessment tools and assessment criteria.
  4. You must indicate the assessment values of each student for each defined criterion.
  5. The information must be completed regardless of whether the UC is audited or not.
  • LG Engineer
  1. Team to designate by school and school year by GGC.
  2. Responsible for the validation of information related to learning goals and the like for all school courses.
  3. After validation the Course Director and uc coordinator cannot change the defined information. The Learning goals Coordinator should be asked to withdraw validation.
  • School secretariat
  1. You can only consult the information recorded in the system.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.