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Account creation procedure

The service that requests account creation(s) should send the following information to the You should also inform registered users that, after registering the information listed below, new users will receive an email in their personal account with the data from the new registered account (the day after registration).

Information required for account creation:

  • Full name
  • Sex
  • BI/CC No. (if you are a foreigner, it must be the identification number of the country of origin)
  • Checkdigit BI/CC (if applicable)
  • Taxpayer Number (optional only if you do not reside in Portugal)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Home address
  • Personal email (cannot be from ISCTE)
  • Phone number
  • Internal organic unit of the contract link (not applicable in a student’s enrolment)
  • External entity providing services (if applicable)
  • Validity of the contract (not applicable to a student’s enrolment)
  • If you already have another account with ISCTE-IUL, you must also send the username so that colleagues can identify the current account and associate the new link. (not applicable to a student’s enrolment)


  1. External employees or service providers – the data such as residence address, personal email or mobile phone number in this case may be or the company’s.

After registering the account in the phoenix system, registered users will receive an email to their personal account the next day with the account data registered.They should then retrieve the password in phoenix in > recover password.