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Grand Auditorium

Its features and infrastructures allow the assembly of major events and shows.



Total capacity: 497 seatsOdd
side: 98 seats (11 rows)
Central: 263 seats (15 rows)
Side pair: 136 seats (14 rows)



Stage mouth: 9.42 m x 4.36 mStage
depth (center axis): 8.26 m
Prosmenian depth: 3.00 mStage
width (bottom): 3.51 mHeight
to the tee: 6.50 m

Access for people with reduced mobility

Translation booths


4 Simultaneous translation booths with independent access.

Dressing rooms

4 Dressing rooms with private sanitary facilities.

Projection system


Projection type: backprojection Dimension

Sources: Desktop in the régie and portable in the pulpit

Audio system


Desk microphones: 8Pulp
microphone: 1Hand
microphone: 2Lala
microphones: 2

Lighting system


Stage mechanics


Video conferencing


Realization of academic/scientific events through the Colibri/Zoom platform of the FCCN.

Video broadcast


Transmission of academic/scientific events, either through fccn’s Videocast service, or through Youtube or Facebook platforms.




If you would like more detailed information, please contact us.