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Import of teaching service

Features related to importing files with teaching service planning are available under “Teacher Planning” -> “Import”.

On the “Faculty Planning Import” screen you can:

  • “Export” the file with the following information:
    • existing schedules for the department
    • career teachers and department guests
  • “Import” the TXT format file with teaching service planning
  • See files already imported (for school year, department)

NOTE: If there is already teaching service information uploaded to the system, it is exported to the file.

If it is correct it should not be deleted or changed in the file because it will be deleted on the system when the file is uploaded.

Fill rules:

  • Only the values of the columns “Coordinator”, “Teacher 1 – Numero”, “Teacher 1 – Hours”, “Teacher 2 – Numero”, “Teacher 2 – Hours”, “Teacher 3 – Numero”, “Teacher 3 – Hours”, “Teacher 4 – Numero”, “Teacher 4 – Hours”, “Teacher 5 – Numero” and “Teacher 5 – Hours” should be changed.
  • In the columns “Coordinator” and “Professor n – Numero” should put the mechanographic number of the teacher that is on the sheet with the career teachers and guests of the department.
  • In the columns “Teacher n – Hours” should put the hours to assign to the teacher on time.
  • There is only one coordinator per curriculum unit.
  • Before importing, on Windows pc the file must be written with the TXT extension and use tab as a separator feature. On PC MAC should be written as MSDOS Formatted text (.txt).

File upload:

  • To import the file you must press:
    • “Browse … ” and select the file
    • Upload
    • Import
  • The system does several validations line by line:
    • registered teacher registered in the system for the department
    • career teacher with active contract and belonging to the department
    • total hours assigned to the shift
    • curricular unit, existing shift in the system
  • If there is an error on a particular line, the time information in the system is not updated.
  • If the line is error-not ing, the information already in the time system is deleted and the information in the file is loaded.
  • After loading the system displays a screen where you can export the file with the import result. The file contains 3 sheets:
    • errors – errors that are found in validation. The line information is not loaded into the system.
    • alerts – situations that are in validated. The line information is not loaded into the system.
    • updates – updated information in the system
  • The uploaded file is saved to the system, and appears on the same screen.