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Support for requests made by investigators

The system now allows requests to be made available for travel in services for researchers, including those under the transitional standard.

Request notification awaiting submission

If an application is not submitted for approval (in the “Data Collection” state), the system notifies the applicant every 5 days, up to a maximum of 6 notifications.


Mandatory pick-up from the destination city

The system began to collect the destination city of the trip in service.

Mandatory collection of means of transport

The system must collect at least one means of transport.

Collection of information add of the route of transport

The system started to collect the indicate country, city and place of origin and destination of transport.If the return date is indicated, the system assumes that it was a round trip.

Change in transport types

The type of transport “Other” came to exist and there was no longer “Vehicle of the Institution”.


Deactivation of automatic order cancellation

The system stopped automatically canceling orders that were not submitted after N days.


Notification that the order has been cancelled

Where an order is cancelled, on the applicant’s initiative or because the time limit for placing the request has been exceeded, the system sends an email to the applicant informing him that the request has been cancelled.


Notice that the order will be cancelled automatically

Show the name of the decision-taker who has access to the process

Indicate trip start date in email to decision-taker

The email that informs the decision makers (Department Director; Who authorizes the charges; etc. that there is an application for travel in service that requires your intervention, now includes the date of commovement.

Notify the secretariat of the research centre that the movement in service has been approved or rejected

When the movement in service is authorised, cancelled or unauthorized, if the secretariat of the research centre has foreshadowed the existence of a budget, the system sends an email indicating the final state of the travel request process.

Supervision profile of missions

A profile has been created that allows the supervision of all missions in service, with read access.

Update of the support page for travel in services

A simplified diagram of the service travel process has been created so that it is simpler to know where the process is to find and what the next phase of approval is.A news section has been created on the support page of in-service trips where the improvements that are being made to the system will be announced.