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To re-enter the student in the same course, the following procedure must be performed on the Academic Services Portal:

  • Select the View Students menu option;
  • Search the student:
  • Indicate the student number or registration number;
  • Press the Submit button;

Press the “View Process” link;

Press the “Change ticket” link;

  • Change the ticket information:
  • Select the value “RIB – Re-entry (from Bologna)” from the Ticket list;
  • Indicate the Academic Year of re-entry;
  • Indicate the Observations;
  • Press the Submit button;
  • The message “The Ticket has been successfully updated is displayed! “;
  • Press the “Back link;
  • On the Registration process screen, press the “Change status” link;
  • Change the status of the registration:
  • Indicate the Date of Change;
  • Select the value “Active” in the New State list;
  • Fill in the Observations;
  • Press the Submit button.

Note: If you are a re-entry of Pre-Bologna or re-entry from Bologna to another course, a new registration (Enroll student) must be created.