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Registration of the Iscte Card

Last Updated: 01/24/2022

To register on the Phoenix platform, the Iscte card information, perform the following steps:

  1. Run the existing RFID card reading application on the desktop.
  2. Access the Fénix platform in
  3. Go to the “Login Page” tab.
  4. Authenticate using Iscte account credentials (e.g. and password).
  5. Go to the “Card Management” tab.
  6. Choose the “Search” option in the “Person” section in the left side menu.
  7. Indicate at least one search criteria: name, username, ID number, tax identification number or electronic address.
  8. Click the magnifying glass.

  9. Click the “Select link.

  10. Go to the “Card tab.
  11. Choose the “Create card by identifier” option.

  12. Position the cursor in the “RFID Mifare” field and pass the Iscte card on the RFID reader.

  13. Click “Create or associate card“.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.