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Last updated: 26/05/2022

The Biblioteca do Conhecimento Online – b-on (Online Knowledge Library) makes unlimited and permanent access available, within the research and higher education institutions, to full texts from over 16,750 scientific international publications from 16 publishers, through subscriptions negotiated on a national basis with these publishers.

This library started to be planned in 1999, at a time when it was referred to as the “Biblioteca Nacional de C&T em Rede” (National Scientific and Technological On-line Library Network) within the Community Support Framework programme. In 2000, OCT – The Science and Technology Observatory carried out an exhaustive analysis of the subscriptions to scientific journals from all the Portuguese institutions in order to prepare for negotiations with the publishers. In 2001 the important scientific bibliography tool Web of Knowledge , of the Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia, was made available, which made it possible to access titles, summaries and citation information and impacts of around 8,500 journals, including records going back to 1945. Also in 2001, the OCT began negotiating with the main publishers.

The full texts from the first 3,500 publications, from 6 publishers, were made available in March 2004.

Since the access control of the contents is validated by IP address, navigation must be carried out from the Iscte network. That is, outside of Iscte installations, you need to connect the VPN.

Install/Setup VPN     Enable/Disable VPN

  • The user may access, consult, view, search, download and print any text made available on b-on, provided that he/she does so in the exercise of his activity in the participating institution and for his/her personal or other authorized users’ use.
  • It is expressly denied the printing, downloading or any form of reproduction or transmission of texts made available on b-on that is to provide, in any capacity, to persons or entities that are not authorized users.
  • The user also undertakes to comply scrupulously with the applicable legislation, in particular in the field of computer crime, intellectual property rights and industrial property rights, being solely responsible for the infringement of the applicable commands.
  • The introduction, alteration or deletion of the information available on the website, interference in the computer system that serves as a support in order to hinder or disturb its operation and, in general, all behavior stifled the practice of computer-related crimes are prohibited and punishable under the law.
  • Access to the content made available on b-on is subject to the user’s express acceptance of the rules of use.
    Access to b-on is made from the member institution’s IP addresses (internet protocol) that have been communicated to the FCT|FCCN as usable for that access.
  • Remote access to b-on by authorized users is possible when done through VPNs or proxies, and institutions are responsible for the practical implementation of these systems.
  • Access to b-on does not generally imply the provision of any personal data by the user. However, where this does not happen, the operator of the access portal shall ensure that such data are lawful in compliance with the applicable legislation. In particular, the purpose of collecting such data and their subsequent non-processing in a manner incompatible with those purposes will be ensured.
  • The operator of the access portal is not responsible for any damage caused by its operation unless it results from serious misconduct or guilt.


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