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Service site

The NAU Platform is the technical infrastructure for publishing and course tracking services for large audiences.

It allows knowledge producers to get closer to citizens in general, either to improve their own services or to make information more easily accessible to citizens.

Higher education institutions now have a medium with great impact that will enable them to reach new students, disseminate science and increase international visibility.

  1. Go to the service page in
  2. Click “ENTER“.
  3. Click on “Institutional Account“.

  4. Search and choose the “Iscte“.

  5. Authenticate using Iscte account credentials:

    (1) Username, e.g. “xxnes
    (2) The “Password
    (3) Click “Login“.

The platform consists of two components.

It is at that you can enroll in the available training offer. This page displays the NAU course catalog arranged by availability. On the main page you have our featured courses.

Courses are taken through the LMS that comes with the course catalog. In the “My Courses” panel you will find the courses you are enrolled in, the ones you are attending, the ones that are about to start and the ones that have already finished.

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