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Service site

Videocast allows you to stream video, audio and slides in real time through a simple web page. It may also include chat, twitter and controlled access from users.

  • Live event streaming
  • Support page for the creation and management of a video broadcast
  • Customization of presentation layout
  • Video integration, presentation and chat
  • Automatic transcoding for mobile formats
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Real-time access and monitoring statistics
  • Keyword-driven access
  • RCTSaai federated authentication
  1. Access the Videocast platform in
  2. Click the “Sign in” button.
  3. Select “Iscte“.
  4. Perform federated authentication (SSO) using the Credentials of the Iscte account (e.g., and its password) and by clicking “Login“.
  5. Accept the terms of use and click “Submit“.