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Activate account

For the provisional user (fenix010101) to activate the account, the user must access Fénix+ and recover the password, then follow the steps to activate account in Okta.

If you are a permanent user (, you don’t need to carry out the password recovery steps in Fénix+, just go to and follow the instructions below (step 4).

Recover Password

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “I can’t login”

  3. Start the password recovery process

    Click on the link received in your personal mailbox and type your password

Activate Account

  1. Go to > MyFenix > Other Services > Activate Account

  2. Enter the new password 
  3. Get the definitive username

    After clicking on the “Submit” button, the following appears:

  4. The user needs to activate the account in Okta in order to have access to institutional email and OKTA authentication.

    You will receive a notification from Okta to your personal email address (see image below):

  5. Click on the blue button “Ativar Conta do Okta“.

    A new window will open in the default browser, in which you will be asked to enter a new password.

    Optionally, you can enter a cell phone number that can be used to recover the account.

  6. Choose an image and click on “Create My Account”.

  7. The login page is

Notice: Access to Iscte’s and Office 365 applications will only be available 48 hours after the account has been activated.