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Networks and connectivity

The network and connectivity service ensures access:

  • Iscte’s wired and wireless networks, which are part of the RCTS (Science, Technology and Society Network, managed by FCCN).
  • To a secure connection between the personal computer (home network) and the Iscte network (VPN).
  • To Voice over IP service (limited to Iscte employess).

See here the RCTS Acceptable Use Policy


The Iscte wireless network service covers most of the campus and is accessible through the SSIDs eduroam.

eduroam (Education Roaming) is a mobility service developed for the international education and research community.


The wired network service allows access to the network through the Iscte’s physical data infrastructure.

This access is only for terminal equipment, not being authorized the connection of network equipment or other similar.


Acronym for “Virtual Private Network“. The aim of the service is to provide a more secure access to public and private networks for the Iscte academic community. Through this service, a tunnel is created that protects data traffic from prying eyes, even when not browsing a secure network.

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is provided by SIIC to all the Iscte workers (teachers, researchers and technical staff). Besides VoIP terminals, it can be used on computers and/or smartphones.


Only available for Iscte Services.

      • View the configuration manuals for the VoIP service on softphones here.

Call forwarding

Requests for forwarding service phone numbers should be made by the coordinator of the organic unit through the iAjuda Services Portal.

Find out more about VoIP