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Last updated: 22/04/2022

Students and teachers at Iscte have at their disposal a wide range of support services for teaching and learning, both in person and at a distance.

Auditoriums, Laboratories and Classrooms

SIIC provide audiovisual, multimedia and computer support and the maintenance of their equipment in common spaces.

Learn more about space support

Iscte Account

SIIC assigns user accounts to all Iscte students. The account is personal and non-transferable.

For instance, the student Xisto Ximenes has the following credentials:

Email address:
Password: Password.2020

Iscte ID Card

All students are entitled to an Iscte ID Card.

See also: Student attendance

Collaboration and Knowledge

Create, share, publish, browse, access, remember, communicate…

Learn more about Collaboration and Knowledge


The email service (individual, shared accounts, and distribution lists), supported by the Office 365 platform, is available to all Iscte students.

SIIC never asks its users to send personal data, such as passwords.

Outlook Web     Computers     Smartphones     Shared Accounts     Distribution Lists                    

Learn + about email


In addition to enabling the management and distribution of content, e-learning platforms reinforce the interaction between teachers and students.

Academic Management

Features available on the Fénix platform.

Learn more about the Academic Management Platform (Fénix)

Wireless Networks

Iscte’s wireless networking service covers much of the campus being accessible through SSID eduroam.

Learn more about wireless networks.


Iscte provides all students with a set of Software, including SPSS, Office 365, and Windows, through the Microsoft Azure for Education platform.

Learn more + sobre Software


Acronym for “Virtual Private Network“, i.e., virtual private network.

The purpose of the service is to provide safer access to public and private networks for the academic community of Iscte. 

Through this service a tunnel is created that protects data traffic from prying eyes, even when you do not navigate a secure network.

How to install VPN?     How to Connect | Turn off the VPN?

Learn more about VPN