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Iscte offers a vast number of resources to its student community.


The email service (individual accounts, shared accounts and distribution lists), supported by the Office 365 platform, is available to all ISCED employees. ISIC never asks its users to send personal data, such as passwords.


Moodle is the Iscte’s e-Learning platform. Below are some tutorials to help how to use this platform.


    • iAjuda – Iscte’s IT services management platform.
    • Fénix + – Platform for managing the teaching and learning process.

SIIC assigns user accounts to all Iscte students. The account is personal and non-transferable. For instance, the student Xisto Ximenes has the following credentials:

      • Username:
      • Email address:
      • Password: Password.2020
      • Find out more about Iscte Account


All students are entitled to an Iscte ID Card.

Provisional Card

      • Students who enroll and enroll at the beginning of the school year (September/October) receive a provisional card at the CGD bank installed at Iscte.These cards are activated by CGD.

      • Students who enroll and enroll in other periods must apply for the provisional card at a CGD agency. These cards are activated in the helpdesk room (Building II, floor 7, room C7.04).

Definite Card


      • Research Connect – Database dedicated to national and international funding opportunities
      • Overton – Search index of policy papers, guidelines, think-tank publications and working papers
      • Scopus – Database of abstracts and citations of publications
      • Web of Science – Platform for integrated access to a database of bibliographical references and citation indexes
      • b-on – Permanent unlimited access to thousands of scientific journals and ebooks
      • The email service (individual, shared accounts, and distribution lists), supported by the Office 365 platform, is available to all Iscte students.


Software de apoio ao ensino (licenciamento campus):

      • AMOS – Allows the use of structural equation modelling (SEM) to test hypotheses.
      • Autodesk – Free access to educational software.
      • Eviews – Access to forecasting and statistical modelling tools.
      • IBM SkillsBuild – 
      • Intel – Includes software development toolkits.
      • Limesurvey – llows you to create online forms and surveys.
      • Matlab – Numerical computing and programming software.
      • MAXQDA – Qualitative data analysis and mixed methods research.
      • Microsoft Azure – oftware, including Windows 10, Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project.
      • Office365 – Microsoft’s suite of applications.
      • Qualtrics – Data collection products for academic research.
      • R – Computational statistics software.
      • SPSS – Advanced statistical analysis.
      • Stata –Statistical software.
      • Find out more about Software


SIIC ensures the audiovisual, multimedia and computer support to teaching and non-teaching activities developed at Iscte, as well as the maintenance of systems, applications and equipment allocated to common spaces. iscte has:


    • Colibri/Zoom – Videoconferencing service that is available to all RCTS institutions. Based on the Zoom video conferencing system.
    • Educast – Video management service for simple registration and distribution of academic content (classes).
    • Filesender – Application that allows users to temporarily send and store large files.
    • NAU – Online education and training platform for large audiences.
    • Online Learning – Video-class platform.
    • Videocast – Videocast allows you to stream video, audio and slides in real time through a simple web page. It may also include chat, twitter and controlled access from users.


The aim of the service is to provide a more secure access to public and private networks for the Iscte academic community. Through this service, a tunnel is created that protects data traffic from prying eyes, even when not browsing a secure network.


Iscte’s wireless networking service covers much of the campus being accessible through SSID eduroam.

      • Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a mobility service developed for the international teaching and research community.
      • Use the CAT Eduroam automatic installer.
      • Find out more about the eduroam
      • Find out more about wireless networks at Iscte