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Teachers, Researchers and Technicians

Last updated: 2022-11-04

Quick Access

Iscte provides its employees with a wide range of resources.

Academic Management

Services and features available to employees on the Fénix platform.

Learn more about Digital Signature with Digital Mobile Key

Fénix “Employee” portal.

Fénix “Public” portal.

Fénix “SGE” portal.

Fénix “Space Management” portal.

Fénix “Teaching” portal.

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Collaboration and Knowledge

Create, share, publish, browse, access, remember, communicate…

b-on provides unlimited and permanent access to thousands of journals and ebooks from some of the leading international scientific content providers.

Learn more about b-on

Videoconferencing service that is available to all RCTS institutions.

Based on the Zoom video conferencing system, it supports up to 300 participants per session and can be used from any computer or mobile device (Wndows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Zoom rooms and H.323/SIP systems).

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Video management service for simple registration and distribution of academic content (classes).

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Application that allows users to temporarily send and store large files.

  • Maximum number of email recipients: 100 (email addresses should be separated by point and comma).
  • Time available to download the file: maximum 30 days (after this date the files are deleted and no security copy is made).
  • Number of files to send: 1 (you can compress multiple files into a single type 7zip, zip, rar, and others).
  • Maximum file upload size: 100 GB.

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The Iscte intranet, called My Iscte, is reserved for its employees (teachers, researchers and technicians).

Leran more about My Iscte

Online education and training platform for large audiences.

Learn + about the NAU platform

Video-class platform promoted by LLCT.

Courses available on this platform

Videocast allows you to stream video, audio and slides in real time through a simple web page. It may also include chat, twitter and controlled access from users.

  • Live event streaming
  • Support page for the creation and management of a video broadcast
  • Customization of presentation layout
  • Video integration, presentation and chat
  • Automatic transcoding for mobile formats
  • Sharing on social networks
  • Real-time access and monitoring statistics
  • Keyword-driven access
  • RCTSaai federated authentication

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Document Management

The document management system is supported by edoclink.

This service allows you to:

  • Manage and automate workflows, eliminating repetitive tasks and improving service levels.
  • Ensure the centralized and efficient management of all documentation related to an internal process.
  • Improve the speed, efficiency and security of access to information in an internal process.
  • Handle all documents, processes and correspondence received and issued by an organization and each of the organic units that compose it.

Learn more about Document Management at Iscte


The email service (individual, shared accounts, and distribution lists), supported by the Office 365 platform, is available to all Iscte students.

SIIC never asks its users to send personal data, such as passwords.

Outlook Web     Computers     Smartphones     Shared Accounts     Distribution Lists                    

Learn + about email

Iscte Account

SIIC assigns user accounts to all Iscte employees. The account is personal and non-transferable.

For instance, the employee Xisto Ximenes has the following credentials:

Email address:
Password: Password.2020

The iscte account password must comply with the following requirements:

  • Must be at least 10 characters long.
  • You should not reuse an old password.
  • It must not contain your username (excluding the suffix) or any of its used names, excluding particles that are less than three characters long.
  • It should not contain characters considered illegal (;, , ‘%, *, blank).
  • It must contain characters from at least three of the following categories:
    • Capitals not accented (‘A’ to ‘Z’).
    • Lowercase not accented (‘a’ to ‘z’).
    • Decimal digits (‘0’ to ‘9’).
    • Non-alphanumeric characters (!#&, etc.).

How do I recover my password?

  • Passwords must be confidential.
  • Do not store passwords on visible papers or locations.
  • Regularly change your password even on systems that don’t require you to do so.
  • Do not automatically record on systems (e.g. browsers).
  • Do not use the same passwords in an academic context and in a personal context.
  • To create a secure password think of an easy-to-remember phrase and then define a method to turn that phrase into a password.

For instance:

Phrase: how to set a secure password in 2020!

Method: first letter of each word, third word in letters, use only the last two digits of numbers and keep special characters.

Password: htSETaspi20! (Do not use this example).

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Iscte ID Card

All employees are entitled to an Iscte ID Card.

At the beginning of your employment at Iscte, the “Unidade de Recursos Humanos” (Human Resources Unit), will issue a duly activated provisional card to the employee.

In other situations, cards are activated in the Helpdesk Room (Edifício II, floor 7, room C7.04).

Non-bank card – It is raised in the Human Resources Unit (Sedas Nunes Building, Atrium 1W, room 1W01).

Bank card – It is picked up at any CGD agency or delivered to the owner’s address.

Definitive cards can be activated by the holder or at the Helpdesk Room (Edifício II, floor 7, room C7.04).

Printing and Scanning

The printing and scanning service is reserved for Iscte employees (teachers, researchers, and technical staff).

  1. Tap the tatil screen to activate the equipment (printer or multifunction) and select the “Follow-You Printing” option.

    Follow-You Printing

  2. Bring the Iscte card closer to the card reader.

  3. Select the documents you want to print and tap “Imprimir” (Print).

  4. Log out using the Iscte card or by tapping “End Session“.

  1. Tap the touch screen to enable multifunction and select one of the following options (“Scan-to-Me” (for scanning documents with few pages) or “Scan-to-email” (to scan documents that exceed the maximum size allowed by email).



  2. Bring the Iscte card closer to the card reader.

  3. Place the original document feeder, taking into account the orientation.

  4. Check/change the recipient’s address (pre-populated with the authenticated user’s email).

    Scan-to-Me – Add CC/

    Digitalizar-para email –Change recipient and add CC/

  5. Tap “Digitalizar“ (Scan).

  6. Log out using the Iscte card or by tapping “EncerrSessão“ (End Session).

  1. Tap the touch screen to activate the multifunction and select the “Enable Copier” option.

  2. Bring the Iscte card closer to the card reader.

  3. Place the original document feeder, taking into account the orientation.

  4. Tap “Iniciar“ (Start).

  5. Log out using the Iscte card or by tapping “EncerrSessão“ (End Session).

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Acronym for “Virtual Private Network“, i.e., virtual private network.

The purpose of the service is to provide safer access to public and private networks for the academic community of Iscte. 

Through this service a tunnel is created that protects data traffic from prying eyes, even when you do not navigate a secure network.

Windows     MacOS     Linux

As part of the covid pandemic mitigation measures19, it was necessary to quickly implement the conditions for services to operate in teleworking.

Moving Iscte workstation to home     Call forwarding     Learn more about Telework

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Iscte’s wireless networking service covers much of the campus.

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a mobility service developed for the international teaching and research community.

How to set up?

Use the CAT Eduroam automatic installer.


Learn more about eduroam

The ISCTE-IUL-Guest network is intended for iscte visitors without access to eduroam.

Iscte workers (teachers, researchers and technical staff) can consult the password, which is changed weekly, in the Fénix “Employee” tab.

Learn more about ISCTE-IUL Guest

Learn more about e-learning at Iscte