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The mission of SIIC – Serviços de Infraestruturas Informáticas e de Comunicações – is to design, implement, maintain and optimise the technological and communication infrastructures, the information systems and computer applications, promoting and providing advanced services in the areas of technologies and information and communication systems, creating the conditions for continuous improvement of the quality of teaching, learning and research, in alignment with the activities and strategy of Iscte.

The members of the Iscte community have a wide range of collaboration and knowledge tools at their disposal.

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The email service (individual, shared and mailing list accounts), supported by the Office 365 platform, is available to the entire Iscte community.

Iscte never asks its users to send personal data, such as passwords

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The network and connectivity service ensures access:

  • To the Iscte’s wired and wireless networks, which integrate the RCTS (Science, Technology and Society Network, managed by FCCN).
  • A secure connection between the personal computer (home network) and the Iscte network (VPN).
  • Voice over IP service (limited to Iscte workers).

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The printing and scanning service is reserved for Iscte employees (teachers, researchers and technical staff).

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For the development of academic work and research, SIIC´s manage the software licensing processes for the entire community.

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Iscte students and teachers have at their disposal a wide range of teaching and learning support services, both on-site and remote.

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Iscte’s employees and management bodies have a wide range of support services at their disposal.

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Researchers at Iscte have a wide range of support services at their disposal.

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