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Safe Assign (Plutogio)

The plutogium-finding functionality used in ISCTE-IUL – "SafeAssign" – is inserted in the eLearning platform (Blackboard).

It can only be used in the context of a UC, deciding the teacher of the same whether or not the students have access to this functionality.

SafeAssign via students:


– the teacher creates a point of delivery of works defining that the work, when delivered, will be subdued to the tool "SafeAssign".

– the report may or may not be viewed by the student

Contents of the Curricular Unit -> Evaluations -> Works

Create exercise -> … Evaluation -> Availability

Plagiarism Tools  –> Check submissions for plagiarism SafeAssign

— > Allow students to view SafeAssign originality report for their attempts

SafeAssign via teacher:


– the teacher can directly submit a work to the "SafeAssign" tool.

– the reports can be consulted exclusively by the teacher who submitted them – option "Private"

– the reports can be consulted by all uc teachers – "Shared" option

SafeAssign > -> DirectSubmit -> "Submit" button

– choose submission options (choose draft if it is not the final version of the document – evaluates but does not save records/add of it in the database)

– enter the document in "File Upload"

– click "Submit"

Depending on the document size and "queue" the report may take a few hours, appearing listed on the tool access home page.