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Wireless network

Last Updated: 26/03/2022

Iscte’s wireless network service covers much of the campus and is accessible via eduroam and ISCTE-IUL networks.Guest.

Eduroam (Education Roaming) is a mobility service developed for the international teaching and research community.

This service guarantees secure access to the Internet to students, professors, researchers and institutional collaborators, through the wireless network of your institution or any participating institution you are visiting.

This means that either at your home institution or visiting other institutions, users have secure access with their usual login.

Eduroam is uninterrupted and secure Wi-Fi access worldwide.

In Portugal, integration into the eduroam network is guaranteed to all institutions that have a connection to the RCTS network, as is the case of Iscte.

Consult the lists of the participating institutions here.

How to setup eduroam?

On the latest devices, the eduroam configuration is automatic by simply putting the Fenix username and password.

You can also use the CAT Eduroam automatic installer.

If necessary, set the generic wireless network configuration parameters to the values indicated in the table below.

Type of EAP MethodPEAP or TTLS
Phase 2 authenticationMSCHAPv2
CA CertificateDo Not Validate
Anonymous identity
PasswordPassword associated with Iscte


The ISCTE-IUL-Guest network is intended for iscte visitors without access to eduroam.

Iscte workers (teachers, researchers and technical staff) can consult the password, which is changed weekly, in the Fénix “Employee” tab.

  1. Access the Phoenix platform in
  2. Go to the “Login Page” tab.
  3. Authenticate using iscte account credentials (such as and password).
  4. Go to the “Employee tab.
  5. Check the password of the week in the “Password Query” option in the “WIFI ISCTE-IUL Guest” section in the left side menu.