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Last updated: 2022-12-26

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Autodesk provides free access to educational software (Inventor, Revit, Autocad, 3ds Max, Maya, Tinkercad) on its official website for qualified institutions such as ISCTE-IUL.

Since these are free versions that were made available by the company that represents the software on the software’s official website, their use and installation is the exclusive responsibility of the users, and therefore there is no support or technical support from SIIC.

However, there may be a need for SIIC collaboration, if the intended installation is in Iscte equipment that the user does not have administration permissions.

  1. Access the official website
  2. Select the desired software.
  3. Select “SIGN IN” (if you already have an account created) or “CREATE ACCOUNT” (to create an account). It is a mandatory condition for the account to be created with institutional email (e.g.,
  4. Select the version, operating system, and language.
  5. Install.