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Classrooms with Webcam

These classrooms are prepared for classes and other events in a hybrid environment

Edifício 1 – Sedas Nunes

1E02     1E03     1E04     1E05     1E06     1E07     1E08     1E10     2E02     2E03     2E04     2E05     2E06     2E07     2E08     2E10

Edifício 2

C1.01     C4.05     C5.05     D1.05     D1.07

Edifício 3 – Ala Autónoma

AA2.23     AA2.24     AA2.25     AA2.26     AA2.28     AA2.29     AA3.23     AA3.24     AA3.25     AA3.26     AA3.28     AA3.29     AA3.30     AA3.40

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The control system allows you to turn the video projector on and off.

Video call

  • Full HD 1080p (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)
  • 720p HD (up to 1280 x 720 pixels)

Field of view

  • Diagonal: 78°
  • Horizontal: 70.42 °
  • Vertical: 43.3 °

One-way microphone

  • Range: 2.4 m in diameter
  • Frequency response: 200Hz – 8KHz


  • Frequency response: 220Hz – 20KHz
  • Max output: 80 dB SPL @ 0.3m

The VGA switcher allows you to switch the projection source between the auditorium desktop and a laptop.

    • Input A – Connected to the auditorium computer (audio and video)
    • Input B – To connect a second computer/laptop
    • Output (I/O) – Connected to the video projector

To project the contents of the laptop, do the following:

  1. Connect the VGA cable labeled “Connect laptop” to the laptop.
  2. Press the B input button.


Tip: Devices without analog output require adapters for VGA.

  • If necessary, turn on the classroom desktop.
  • If you use a laptop, take care of the connection to the VGA switch
  • Open the support materials (audio, video, presentations).
  • If necessary, turn on the video projector using the “ON” button on the control system.
  • If necessary, open the Zoom client or access the platform via by performing federated authentication (SSO) with the Credentials of the Iscte account (e.g., xxnes and their password).
  • Check microphone: BCC950 ConferenceCam.
  • Check speaker: BCC950 ConferenceCam.
  • Check the causing: BCC950 ConferenceCam.
  • If so, start a previously scheduled class and the link of which was sent to the students.
  • At the end of the lesson or meeting, end the zoom session, terminate all applications (e.g., powerpoint) or open sessions on platforms (e.g., mail, onedrive, phoenix, e-learning).
  • Turn off the video projector using the control system button.