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ISCTE-IUL Portal 2.0 Citizenship and Security

Co-financed project

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ISCTE-IUL Portal 2.0 – Citizenship and Security

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Project objective:

Improving the mobility and accessibility of digital media

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EU financial support:

ESF – 446,233.42€

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The objective of this project is to evolve the existing bases in ISCTE-IUL, based on Teaching, Research and Quality for citizens of the digital age, for mobility and accessibility (at any time or place) to all services and content, taking into account current computer security concerns and mechanisms. It is a national and international reference ISCTE-IUL in the innovation and security of digital processes and media used in the Institution and to support partner entities.

The operation is composed of 3 axes that will be divided into Projects / Activities:

  • Axis 1 – Diagnostics
  • Axis 2 – Services
  • Axis 3 – Safety

The diagnosis comprises the survey and analysis of all iscte-iul processes, guiding all work to the provision of a more effective, simple and fast service, but always taking into account the new challenges posed by compliance with the GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation). This axis comprises the following activities:

  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Identity Management System

The service axis aims to implement services and one-stop forms 2.0 in ISCTE-IUL. Implementation of the provision of services according to the principle "only once" allowing the student / teacher / non-teacher interact in an integrated way with the entire ISCTE-IUL without the need to navigate between applications or to travel to different services. It will allow the reorganization of ISCTE-IUL Customer Service as a whole in compliance with RCM 55-A/2014, as well as with the indications of the GPDR. This axis consists of the following activities:

  • One Stop Shop 2.0 – Recruitment Portal
  • One-stop shop 2.0 – Visitor Portal
  • Extension of Document Management to the Cloud and Integration with the Fenix System via web services

In terms of security, the project aims to implement the processes identified and described in axis 1, through preferably opensource tools that can be replicated by other entities. The project also intends to adapt the processes and information systems currently used in ISCTE-IUL for the adoption of the standards identified in axis 1 and gpdr (General Data Protection Regulation). This axis has as activities:

  • Authentication
  • CSIRT – CSIRT Security Certification and belong to the National CSIRT network
  • Network Operation Control (NOC)
  • Security Operation Center (SOC)

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