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IT Lab with Monitor with Webcam

laboratório D101
Laboratório 0S01
Laboratório D111

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This IT labs are prepared for face-to-face classes. However, as the teacher’s workstation is equipped with a monitor with webcam, it is possible to hold classes or meetings online.

If you need to use the lab whiteboard, in hybrid classes/meetings, see here how to request a webcam.

The control system allows you to turn ON | OFF the videoprojector.


    • Field of View: 75° for 1920 x 1080
    • Focus mode: Fixed
    • Focus area: 28 cm – 2.47 m
    • Focus distance (normal mode): 50 cm

Unidirectional Digital Microphone


    • Frequency response: 200Hz – 20KHz
    • Power: 2 x 5 W
The VGA switcher allows you to switch the projection source between the auditorium desktop and a laptop.
    • Input A – Connected to the auditorium computer (audio and video)
    • Input B – To connect a second computer/laptop (audio and video)
    • Output (I/O) – Connected to the video projector (audio and video)
To project the contents of the laptop, do the following:
  1. Connect the VGA cable labeled “Connect laptop” to the laptop.
  2. Press the B input button.

Tip: Devices without analog output require adapters for VGA.
  1. If necessary, turn on the classroom desktop.
  2. If you use a laptop, take care of the connection to the VGA switch.
  3. Open the support materials (audio, video, presentations).
  4. If necessary, turn on the video projector using the “ON” button on the control system.
  5. If necessary, open the Zoom client or access the platform via by performing federated authentication (SSO) with the Credentials of the Iscte account (e.g., xxnes and their password).
  6. Check microphone: “Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (P2418HZm)”.
  7. Check speaker: Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (P2418HZm).
  8. Check the camcorder: DELL Monitor RGB Webcam (Dell P2418HZm).
  9. If so, start a previously scheduled class and the link of which was sent to the students.
  10. At the end of the lesson or meeting, end the zoom session, terminate all applications (e.g., powerpoint) or open sessions on platforms (e.g., mail, onedrive, phoenix, e-learning).
  11. Turn off the video projector using the control box button.