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New Video Conferencing Rooms

Until October 23rd, the installation of videoconferencing systems in auditoriums and classrooms of Building II takes place.

This renewal will cover:

  • The replacement of the analog projection infrastructure (VGA) with a digital infrastructure (HDMI), with the elimination of the VGA switch;
  • The replacement of the usb webcam (placed on the teacher's desk) by cameras, with omnidirectional microphone (placed on the ceiling of the room);
  • The placement of two sound speakers in all classrooms.

These spaces will thus be properly prepared for classes and other events in a hybrid environment, i.e., with face-to-face and remote participants.

In classrooms, the computer (desktop or laptop) connection to video projection and video conferencing systems is ensured by a single USB 3.0 cable.

In auditoriums, the connection of the computer (room desktop or laptop) to the video projection system is ensured by an HDMI cable and the connection to the video conferencing system is ensured by a USB 3.0 cable.

In auditoriums, video projection and video conferencing systems use their sound system (microphones, amplifier and auditorium speakers).

In each classroom/auditorium there will be a control system that will allow:

  1. Connect | Turn off the video projector;
  2. Connect | Turn off the ca-camera;
  3. Control the volume of the audio;
  4. Choose one of the four presets.