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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Iscte will start adopting multi-factor authentication (MFA), which is a method by which a user confirms their identity through two or more successfully presented proofs. In the case of ISCTE, we consider the username and password to be the first authentication factor. The choice of the second factor will be up to the user, who can choose between:

  • OKTA Verify application (Recommended)
  • Google Authenticator app or other TOTP-compatible app
  • Security Key or Biometric Authenticator

In order to activate the second factor, you must first confirm your identity at

Configuration instructions can be found on the SIIC website at

The VPN service has been restored at the usual address and access to the service will require MFA configuration.

If you have any questions, you can contact the services via or by phone at 210 464 010 (or ext. 291000) during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Maintenance on the network infrastructure

Today, 4th July 2023, around 10pm, there will be maintenance on the network infrastructure that will cause momentary interruptions to the Internet connection and most internal services (for example, Fénix and Moodle). The maintenance window should last about 1 hour.

The services that will not be affected are O365 (email, onedrive, sharepoint, teams, etc…), Zoom, G Suite (Google).

Messages from Zoom Marketplace

At the request of the community FCCN has activated a set of apps in the Zoom Marketplace, hence the series of notifications. This is a standard Zoom procedure when activating Apps. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Colibri/Zoom – How do I get a PRO account?

Colibri, usually works with floating accounts, for all members of the RCTS network. Pro accounts are valid until one hour after the federated login to the platform.

  • If you have already logged in during the day, before starting a new meeting, you should log in again, to ensure that your account is back with the PRO status.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, or choose to enter an anonymous (or unregistered) browser window to re-enter your institutional credentials.
  • One way to verify that your account is PRO, during your work session, is to validate that in the ZOOM application bar:
    • the Polls option is active,
    • you can save the meeting in the Cloud;
    • you have the Breakout Rooms option,
    • If not, your account is in BASIC mode, so you must repeat the authentication steps.

e-Learning platform change

At the beginning of the next school year, Iscte will change its e-Learning platform to Moodle.

An email was sent to all teachers with the migration roadmap, including a provisory formation calendar and instructions how to export courses and question banks currently in Blackboard.

If you didn’t receive the email, please contact us at (New request —> Apps —> Moodle).

More information will soon be available at the SIIC website.



An email that simulates being sent by Microsoft requesting access credentials to the email service is circulating.

In this way the SIIC clarify that this message:

  • It does not originate from Microsoft services or SIIC technical services.
  • It should be considered garbage and disposed of.
  • You should, if possible, flag the message as SPAM/PHISHING so that in future send attempts it is blocked – here’s how to do it.

More, it is stated that SIIC never request or request from its users, either by email or in person, the sending of personal and sensitive data such as access passwords.

In case of doubt you should contact siic support.

Example of the suspicious message: