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The document management system ( allows:

  • Manage and automate workflows, eliminating repetitive tasks and improving service levels
  • Ensure centralised and effective management of all documentation related to an internal process
  • Improve the speed, efficiency and security of access to information contained in an internal process
  • Treat all documents, processes and correspondence received and issued by an organism and each of the organic units that compose it.


  • Enable the importation into the document management system of the various documents and from various sources of information: paper, e-mail, scanning machines, online entries, namely from the onlinedesk.
  • Classify and archive documents according to the rules adopted;
  • Availability of templates / templates of the various types of documents defined for the business processes of Iscte.
  • Ease of search, in particular, through keywords, types of documents, coding, among others, as well as monitoring the state of the process by users.
  • Define approval processes and alerts for the various stakeholders in the processes, as well as their access privileges.


  • Contribute to standardize processes and develop simpler and more automated working methods.
  • Increase the efficiency in searching for any document and the ease of rerouting it.
  • Improve the quality of response and communication by reducing response times.


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