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Remote desktop

Last Updated: 23/07/2021

Microsoft's "Remote desktop connection" app allows you to remotely access Windows computers located on iscte installations.


Before leaving Iscte

  • Write down the name (hostname) and IP of the Iscte computer.
  • Do not turn off Iscte's computer.

At home

How to call?

Use the Microsoft Remote desktop connection application to connect to your Iscte computer.

  • Open the "Remote Desktop Connection" app.

  • Place the IP of the Iscte machine in the "Computer" field and authenticate using the Iscte credentials, in the format: IULxxnes (like the Ximenes Shale user, whose user name is

    On computers with older installations, if you fail to authenticate above, use iscte credentials in the format: ISCTExxnes (for the example of user Xisto Ximenes, whose username is
  • Click "Connect".

  • Click "Yes".

How to get the PC IP?

  • In the taskbar, select the Ethernet Network icon > the Ethernet network connection (in this example,

  • Under "Ethernet", select the Ethernet network connection.
  • Under "Properties," look for the IP address listed next to the IPv4 address.

If you would like detailed information, please contact us.