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In teleworking, the devices and means of connectivity are not in the ISCTE infrastructure and for this reason attention must be redoubled.

Before moving the workstation home, the employee must obtain the appropriate authorization from the person in charge of the department. The employee must forward the request to SIIC via iAjuda, attaching the duly completed form available here.

Employees who do not have administrative privileges for their workstation (desktop or laptop) must request that the VPN be installed before moving the equipment home.

If the workstation is a desktop computer, they should request a network cable to access the internet at home, as Iscte desktops do not have a wireless network card.

Through vpn it is possible to access from anywhere services only available on iscte’s internal network.

Access to the remote desktop     Leran more about VPN

Requests to forward telephone calls must be made by the person responsible for the service.

Find the configuration manuals for Iscte’s VoIP softphones here.

In teleworking, all the recommendations for the use of computer resources in face-to-face work are equally applicable.


  • Exclusive use must be guaranteed. If this is not possible, different usage profiles must be guaranteed.
  • Update antivirus and programs in general.
  • Automatic session blocking.
  • Don’t use pirated streaming sites and their derivatives.
  • Use different passwords for personal and work accounts.

Networks and Connectivity

  • Use home network connectivity. Avoid using connectivity in public spaces.
  • Do not use commercial VPN services to connect to the Organization’s resources (e.g. Nordvpn).